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Home Additions

Client-Centered Construction Solutions. If you can dream it, we can build it!

Our building philosophydrives every project we initiate, no matter its size or scope. We focus on the tiny details and the big picture; our entire team is united in pursuit of your complete satisfaction.

We embrace technology and have found many modern digital inspiration tools to be a tremendous asset during the planning and design phase. Together with our customers, we are completing more creative renovations and additions than ever before!

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Our Process

We want every home renovation and addition project we complete to be enjoyable, establishing a foundation of strong communication from our first call.

We keep things simple; our renovation and home addition process is very straightforward. After introductions, we’ll get some details and plan an in-person discussion about your home, project goals, and budget, we call this our preliminary concept meeting”. 

With this information, we will be able to establish an actionable project outline. For this, we’ll visit the site and begin to plan out the renovation or addition to your home or apartment; then, we will create your project plan. With the project plan, we can call in the necessary team members and get to work!

Westchester County Home Additions

We partner with homeowners looking to expand their home while retaining its character and achieving all of the perks of modern living. Is your home a one of a kind Victorian, a handsome Craftsman or a charming stately Colonial? It pays to work with a local team that understands our area and the unique building challenges presented by our four-seasons.

Do you love your house, but wish it were a little…bigger?

The truth is often homeowners love their homes. Friendly neighborhood, great schools, but the house is just too small; many Westchester County homeowners turn to our team when they are looking to expand their home while preserving its beloved history. A home addition can create refreshing new space. Our team will help you expand your home with a practical, tasteful addition that makes space and helps bring your home current for modern living.

Home Additions that increase Square Footage

Here in Westchester, we find most homeowners love where they live. But in time, families grow, needs change and a cute small home that was once cozy and warm becomes cramped and crowded. 

We get it, you can’t imagine pulling the kids out of school and when you crunch the numbers considering the costs and disruptions associated with a move, a room or story addition would be just the thing to transform your home and make it perfect for this next phase.

Additions are practical and in many cases, invaluable investments. A home addition will expand the available storage and living space within your home, adding a room or rooms and can be planned to include the features and creature comforts you always wished your home had. 

Here is a list of some popular home additions here in our area:

Bump Out Additions

A Small Addition with a – Big Impact!

Bump out additions can be small, adding just two or three feet to a home’s overall floor plan; or big, really big! A large bump-out addition can flirt with the very definition of a home addition extending out as far as ten to twelve feet.

A bump-out addition is exactly what it sounds like. During the project, the floorplans of the kitchen are redefined and expanded by making the room bigger.

Bump out additions can be done in a few ways. There are options, even within the concept.

On one side, there is the option to build an actual bump-out addition. A typical bump out is like any addition but modified and isolated to augment only one room; this simplifies things from a construction perspective and is the chief reason why bump-outs tend to cost less than standard additions.

Home Additions: Design + Construction

All additions aim to create more space. Working with a team like ours ensures we will investigate all space inventing construction options. “Found space” is not a term you hear often, but it is something you should consider. Does your home have wasted space?

In Westchester homes, we have found living space in unused closets or old sealed up stairways and hidden space that was not being used at all.

Are you thinking of adding some more space to your home? Let’s talk we can explore options together and see what is feasible for your home and budget. We are always happy to come out and meet with homeowners.


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Premier HD Construction is Lead Certified through Lead Smart Training Solutions.

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