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Attic Renovations + Conversions

Attic conversions are among the most cost-effective home renovations here in Westchester County.

Attic conversions and renovations have grown steadily in popularity over the last ten years and for a good reason. Attic renovations allow homeowners to reclaim lost space and transform unused attic space into live-able rooms.

We have partnered with local homeowners to finish attics, transform attics into one of a kind master-suites, create attic living rooms, media rooms and movie theaters, home bars and game rooms, etc.

At Premier HD Construction, we take the guesswork out of home improvement contracting and utilize a streamlined approach to building with clear communication from our first point of contact to ensure you get exactly what you want from your attic conversion; on time and on budget.

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Is Your Attic a Candidate?

Of course, we can’t determine if your attic is a candidate for conversion without coming out to have a look. Still, we have put together a short overview of the most common codes impacting the feasibility of an attic renovation or conversion in our area.

First, to be considered ‘habitable’, your attic space must satisfy the same list of regulations and requirements that govern the rest of the house – and on top of that list is this:

  • There must be at least 70 square feet where the ceiling height is 5 feet or higher to passcode.
  • Windows and Openable Area must be equal to or exceed 8% of the usable floor space.

For most homeowners, this is not an issue. Here in Westchester, most homes are a bit older and the attics have high vaulted ceilings and plenty of windows that were once used for ventilation.

If your attic needs more clearance, we can talk about adding a dormer addition that can be added to the design of your attic to provide for both the height and window area required. 

Attic Conversion

Our team can help plan, design, and build the attic conversion that best fits your home and your families needs: 

  • Dormer attic conversions.
    • Flat or Pitched Roof Dormer loft conversion
  • Mansard attic additions: Also called a French roof or curb roof, a mansard roof is a four-sided gambrel-style hip roof.
  • Hip to gable attic conversion
  • Velux Conversion loft conversion

We can build just about anything you can imagine. From custom attic bump-outs to built-in attic sleeping nooks to custom inwall storage solutions for tucked away dressers on to custom bathrooms and skylights.

As with anything the best way to get started is by having your space assessed. Have us out, together we can review your options, and get creative! That’s where we really excel. We invite you to take us up on our offer for a free no-obligation estimate and creative think tank.


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Attic Renovations + Conversions Trends

Why build out when you can use the floor above you?

If you’re running out of space in your home, moving into a larger house is one option sure. But for most area homeowners in Westchester they don’t want to leave their block. Westchester is home to great schools and tight-knit neighborhoods. So if space is running right, look up! Most area homes have unfinished attic space, and we can help you re-capture that lost area with an attic conversion.

Are your kids too old to share a room? Do you need to add a home office? Is the idea of a dedicated media room calling your name? Your attic may be on the other line, just waiting to be re-imaged.

Attic Storage, Shelving & Cabinets

Custom cabinets, designed specifically for your family’s uses and needs, will transform your attic. We fabricate custom cabinets for both residential and commercial projects and can bring the luxury of storage to your attic with a clean, clear and custom design.


Out of closet space on the main floors? No problem. Add a walk-in closet to your attic and every member in the house can enjoy privacy when they need it.

What Is a Mansard Roof?

Developed in the 16th century but named from 17th-century French Baroque architect Francois Mansart, the mansard roof allows designers to transform attics into livable space by increasing the volume of the interior.

The style can be found around the world, but the mansard roof is most associated with France.

The mansard style makes maximum use of the interior space of the attic and offers a simple way to add one or more stories to an existing (or new) building without necessarily requiring any masonry.[13][14]

Often the decorative potential of the mansard is exploited through the use of convex or concave curvature and with elaborate dormer window surrounds.

Mansard Roofs VS Gambrel Roofings styles

A Gambrel or a barn roof, is much like a mansard roof in many ways. Both have two different slopes.

The key difference between the two is that the Gambrel only has two sides, while the mansard has four.

Which is better for attic conversions?

Due to the design and framing of the mansard roof (specifically the vertical bottom slope), they tend to create much more room for attic conversions than any other style, especially compared to hip and gable roofs.

The loft area can easily fit a master bedroom. Also, dormer windows used along the bottom slope allow the designer to drench the space in natural light while increasing the sense of space.



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