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Built-ins & Custom Storage

Every project we take on demonstrates our creativity, artistry and vision, but moreover it underscores our ability to partner with our clients toward the realization of their vision.

Built-ins encompass a wide range of custom storage types, from classic TV entertainment centers to under stair storage and closet storage solutions.

Wherever you could use a combination of shelving and pull out cabinets, a built-in design could be applied. Built-ins don’t stand out from your interior; they seamlessly blend into them. Adding details and personalized elements you can’t buy at a store.

Modern homes call for open floor plans that can be hampered by bulky or oversized furniture and storage. Built-ins help win back space through their in-set wall design. Mudroom entries, libraries, entertainment areas, closets, bedrooms, offices and basements are all made better with the addition of a well designed built-in storage unit.

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Custom Built-in Entertainment Centers

Contemporary Entertainment Centers

Partner with our team to custom design an elegant centerpiece to frame the technology at the heart of your home’s entertainment activities. Tv’s, game consoles, speakers and projectors can be an eye-sore if not stored well.

A custom built-in can help make them all hideaway when not in use or framed in a manner that makes them less disruptive to your space’s interior design. We can help create a system that keeps all of your electronics neat and organized while hiding unsightly cords.

Built-in Furniture

Built-ins easily steal the show in rooms featuring built-in banquet tables, wrap-around breakfast nooks and window bench seating. Featured frequently in architectural magazines, you will see built-in bed sets, offices shelving and desk configurations and libraries with floor to ceiling book shelving with or without a classic sliding ladder. The list could be endless because when it comes to custom work the only limitation is creativity and space – the rest can be built by hand.

Build ins help establish an economy of space that often feels aquatic as we associate water going vessels with storage optimization. Here in Westchester, we have helped clients build:

  • Built-in box beds
  • Wrap around bench seating
  • Bench seating (with storage)
  • Built-in bedroom Vanities, desks and dresser sets
  • Built0in maters beds and side tables
  • Custom cabinetry for offices and kitchens
  • Bookshelves and shelving systems 
  • Built-in deck elements like benches, ramps and bars
  • Built-in lounge seating and more…


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Built-in Furniture Tends

Built-in Beds

First, you picture built-in bunk beds for families blessed with several little ones but then you can take the idea and go a bit further and consider the updated modern bedroom with a custom built-in bed complete with custom storage solutions and connected side tables. A statement piece you will enjoy for years. We recently helped a couple in Connecticut design custom furniture for their bedroom and even we have to admit what can be done when creativity and carpentry are left to work their magic is wonderful!


Looking for inspiration check out this list of 25 Awesome Built-In Beds and Bed Nooks from Victorian Twin bed built-ins to the modern loft-bed desk setups built-in beds and nooks are certainly growing in popularity.

Build-in Shelving & Cabinets

Keeping your home layout open and free-flowing is both modern and practical. Large chunky furniture is nice because it’s comfortable but it requires other design elements like bookshelves, entertainment centers and storage to be tucked away. By utilizing built-in storage and cabinetry homeowners are able to accent details and get more space from their homes current footprint.

Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets, designed specifically for you you and your family’s uses and needs. There is no way to win back more space with store-bought cabinets. Our custom cabinet design and construction team will transform your kitchen, bathroom, dining room, basement, home office or bedroom with one-of-a-kind custom cabinets. If you have space we will be able to find a solution most walls harbor unused space we can explore what opportunities are hidden at your home. We have partnered with homeowners to create unique understair storage units, built in bed frame storage, and more.

Custom Closets

We offer one-of-a-kind custom closet design and installation services you won’t find a more custom closet anywhere. In the execution of our custom closets, our customers work with our craftsman and, if needed, expert designers to discuss personal needs and to evaluate storage options. We are in the business of building exception storage solutions and would be happy to come out, meet with you and put together a plan for your homes storage needs.



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Premier HD Construction is Lead Certified through Lead Smart Training Solutions.

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