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Outdoor kitchens, patios and bars built to suit your lifestyle.

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Outdoor kitchens have long been a staple of homes in the west and sunbelt states and in recent years, their popularity has come here to the northeast.

Outdoor kitchens for Westchester are made possible and practical by recent advances made in the building materials and appliances used. We are happy to report that outdoor kitchens are finally a real option for homeowners here in Westchester and can be modified to be enjoyed through our 4 seasons.

Outdoor Kitchens: Patio Lounges + Bars

Recently our customers have asked us to apply our unique luxury kitchen design to the great outdoors and we have partnered with homeowners to create custom outdoor kitchens and living spaces. Just like your indoor kitchen, your outdoor kitchen needs to serve the needs of the family.

We can transform just about any part of your yard into an outdoor kitchen, but the location is essential. The answer to the question of where to place your outdoor kitchen and living space can only be answered by understanding how you intend to use it.

Traditional kitchens have always been and will always be the focal point of a home. The one-room where everyone gathers to eat, drink, and make memories. Kitchens are fascinating from a design perspective and the modern kitchen and outdoor kitchen really turn this up. Kitchens are the one room where the utilitarian function must meet and mend with artful design and elegant traffic flow.

For most homeowners, it makes the most sense to build your outdoor kitchen close to your indoor kitchen so it can serve as a natural extension. When it comes to outdoor kitchens the options are limitless.

Some homeowners are looking for a simple built-in cooking area, while others want weather protection, fans, lighting, a gas-line, refrigeration, sinks, built-in-furniture, and a bar area. Yes! We can run tap lines or help make a plan for a hidden keg in an under-counter refrigerator. Want a TV? Who wouldn’t, watching a movie or big game by the pool sounds great! Family time outside in fall is easy. What happens come winter? Now we’re talking about fire pits, stand up propane heaters, or built-in heaters.

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Layout and location are critical; while you want to make sure your outdoor kitchen feels distinctively outdoors, you’ll want to consider that you’ll still be doing a lot of your food prep inside.

Homeowners and architects agree, the outdoor kitchen in many ways, is most successful when situated to serve as an extension of your home. The best way to make this work is to consider constructing a patio walkway, stone path or a covered breezeway connecting your home and outdoor kitchen.

A practical breezeway or flat stone path will expand the outdoor living space an enable you to bring a cart out to the pavilion. Outdoor kitchen design calls for several spaces.

First, you have the kitchen itself where we have helped homeowners install everything from stone pizza ovens to sinks and dishwashers, dedicated cooking surfaces and built-in grills. Then many outdoor kitchens have a dedicated dining area and, finally, a bar or outdoor lounging area.


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Premier HD Construction is Lead Certified through Lead Smart Training Solutions.

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