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Custom Home Bars: Wet + Dry Bar Design and Construction

Our bar designs are each fully custom; from modern classics with wood cabinetry and mantel work to custom bars with stonework and built-in audio systems.

Here in Westchester, home bars are growing in popularity. We have partnered with homeowners on bars of all shapes and sizes, from trendy mid-sized bars that occupy only a single-wall to larger, more traditional pub style bars complete with an L-shaped bar top, mantel and cabinetry.

Building a home bar is a fun project for homeowners and construction teams alike. There is no one way to do it, this is one project where creativity pays dividends. 

Whether your thinking of adding a full wet-bar to the basement game room or adding a traditional single panel bar to your den, the team at Premier HD Construction can help you get creative and get the most out of your project.

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Built-In Bars (for smaller spaces)

Just because your bar area is small doesn’t mean it can’t be cool. It just means you have to get creative. When building a small bar we urge homeowners to steer clear of the generic or ordinary and dive into incredible custom features like built-in lazy Susan storage, custom under-lit shelving and storage that’s a little extra-ordinary.

We have helped homeowners transform unused wall space or under-utilized pass through doorways into bars. We have even turned small closets into built-in bar areas. 

The trick to the small bar is in its detail. You want to make sure the bar is intriguing and exciting, that is, it has to call to guests and do its part to help set the mood bars are all about fun! 

Just because its narrow doesn’t mean it can’t be tall. Just like a bookshelf. Your liquor cabinet can be built to stretch toward the ceiling or actually hit it. Why not maximize space by thinking vertically. A small bar can be a real show stopper with the addition of a ladder if it’s called for to reach the top shelf (9-10 feet above the floor). 

If our work in safe room construction has taught us anything, it’s that guests and homebuyers all love mystery, intrigue and who doesn’t love the unusual? When planning a bar, we will always take a step back to examine what’s possible. Bars are meant to be fun and with carpenters as talented as ours, there is nothing out of reach.

Custom Home Bar Construction

Our team can help plan, design, and build the home bar you’ve been dreaming about:

  • Built-in lighting and audio systems.
  • Creative and artful display for glassware and bar items.
  • Custom Liquor Bottle displays and built-in wine racks.
  • Kegerator and tap-line systems.
  • Sink and plumbing systems.


Honestly, we can build just about anything you can imagine. From custom built-in bars to custom furniture on to inset TVs, Fish tanks, and more. The only limit is your creativity. Who doesn’t love a home bar on game-night?


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Bathroom Vanity Trends

Floating Vanities

Floating vanities work in both single and double configurations and have become very popular since restaurants starting installing them in the early 2000s. Now we are beginning to install them in private homes and its a win on space, function and design. They are visually attractive, ergonomic and judicious with limited space.aOne of the great things about these vanities is that the height can be adjusted easily. Many of these vanities are so stylish they could be mistaken for artwork as they are each sleek and refined.

Open Shelving & Cabinets

Vanities with open facing shelving have been steadily growing in popularity for years now. Homeowners love the open shelving for both its functionality and style. Open shelving can make your bathroom space look bigger, luxurious, and spa-like (imagine your bathroom with big plush folded towels in view).

Open shelving is often seen as being friendlier and more inviting, as well. Not to mention that open shelving on a vanity will always help make the bathroom space look bigger.

If you are looking to make a smaller bathroom look bigger and add little details to bring in the feel of a spa – open shelving at the base of your vanity may be a great option for your project.

Vessel Sinks

We are seeing more and more homeowners choose vessel sinks when space allows. These sinks have been gaining well-deserved popularity for years now, and we think we know why. These sinks give a bathroom a unique look, quick and easy.

Have you seen a stone vessel sink paired together with metal or a copper sink sitting atop a stone counter? It is unique, this is something you can have some fun with too. They do add a unique flair to a room and effortlessly become the focal point a bathroom.

Open Bottom Vanities

Gone are the days of the old vanity cabinets that go from the sink to the floor with drawers. Now, the preference for homeowners here in Westchester is for an open bottom vanity. These new bottomless vanities add the illusion of space and also tend to make the bathroom look and feel far less cluttered and crowded.

Marble and Quartz Sinks

White marble or similar quartz sinks are on-trend, as they are so light and bright they help make the bathroom feel fresher.

This style seems to work with almost every vanity color. The marbles’ smoother design adds spa-like qualities to the area. When partnered with custom cabinets, stone countertops can be cut for perfect fitment and genuinely personalized look and feel.



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Premier HD Construction is Lead Certified through Lead Smart Training Solutions.

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