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Home Theater Design

Westchester County Home Theaters, enjoy the movie theater experience in the comfort of your home.

We partner with Westchester area homeowners to design, build and install truly custom home theater solutions.

Together we will design and install the right audio/visual system for your home and craft the perfect theater setting for your friends and family to enjoy.

From traditional sloped stadium seating to elegant and intimate black-box style viewing spaces, our design team can transform rooms big and small to put your home audience at the center of the action on screen.

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Bespoke Design – Home Theaters Installation

Our Westchester County home theater design and installation process starts with our clients selecting professional quality audiovisual products.

A home theater must achieve top performance from every technology element implemented. We understand this and work with our clients to design a room around the selected technologies’ strengths and weaknesses from the onset.

Our home theater design is crafted around the audiovisual elements to ensure peak performance. This includes lighting, built-in audio boxes, seat-positioning, etc. No technology is perfect but, when you know what you are working with you can better address challenges before they present themselves.

We know homeowners adding a media room or theater to their house are doing so because they love the cinematic experience and so do we! We love designing theaters and want you to love every moment of the magic you spend in front of your screen at your own home theater!

Home Theater Design

Home theater design and construction is complex; to build a home theater, construction companies like ours have to be dedicated and invest in training a team; versed in the construction and design of integrated electronic and audiovisual systems.

Whether you are looking to add a home theater to your new home or are upgrading and renovating your existing media room, planning is critical. We start by listening to your requirements and share some creative possibilities to augment your concept. This is going to be your home theater, and we want you to absolutely love it.

In Westchester, many homeowners are looking to add a home theater to capture elements of a traditional movie theater experience right in their own home. Rows of big comfy chairs, a professional sound system that puts you right in the center of the action, and a screen that stretches wall-to-wall.

Westchester Home Theaters

Adding a home theater construction specialty to our design, remodeling and construction firm was a no brainer. Jim, our founding partner, is a movie guy, an expert in all the latest audio/digital trends in home theater design and the integrated technology that drives home theaters forward.

Many Westchester County construction teams say they can also create a home theater – but have they? Our team has and we understand that construction is just one step in the larger project. It is essential to work with a team that brings electronic know-how to the table and carpentry, design and electronic integration. Working with our team ensures you have a cohesive design experience from our first point of contact to your first movie night!

Our team will begin planning the seamless integration of all the moving parts right from the beginning; planning for the technical integration of the room audio and visual system is one thing, but so are the house lights!

Going to the movies’ as an experience is something our kids may never fully understand, but that doesn’t mean we can’t capture some of it for them!


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Premier HD Construction is Lead Certified through Lead Smart Training Solutions.

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