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Bathroom Renovation – Manhattan, NY

Manhattan Bathroom Remodeling, Renovation and Design.

Are you thinking about renovating your Manhattan apartment bathroom? Look no further than Premier HD!

We know a thing or two about renovating bathrooms, especially Manhattan apartment bathrooms. The space limitations, the material chain, permits, building codes – each of these bring a unique challenge to the renovation process, but we have the experience needed to make your Manhattan bathroom remodeling project seamless and enjoyable.

Our Manhattan Bathroom Remodeling Services include:

  • COMPLETE BATHROOM RENOVATION (Including structural changes)

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One of our most recent Manhattan bathroom remodeling projects included the replacement of bathroom tile-work, the repurposing of material for custom accents built to accommodate fixtures, the replacement of toilets and sinks, custom crafting of cabinets, replacement and repair of bathroom flooring as well as lighting design and the installation of inset floor heating.

Manhattan, NY Bathroom Remodeling + Renovation

Here’s one Manhattan bathroom renovation we’re proud to show off. We helped the apartment owner say good-bye to outdated beige tile and give a warm hello to the hue of rich slate tile on the walls, floor and the rooms cohesive, modern feel. We think this bathroom is down right handsome. We opened the space by adding a seamless glass shower complete with rain shower head.

We updated the tile inside of the shower creating an interesting pattern which highlights just how gorgeous the shower space now is. The new vanity has smooth lines and better storage and fits the bathroom aesthetically. With new lighting and a new mirror, the bathroom really shines.Manhattan, NY Bathroom Renovation

Some older buildings create unique challenges for apartment owners, especially when it comes to layout.

What might have made sense to the apartment owner in 1950 no longer applies–have you ever caught yourself wondering why the vanity is in such an awkward place? Or why many older apartments lack closets all together?

A bathroom remodeling project, especially in an older Manhattan apartment is well worth the investment! You’ll finally be able to utilize all of the space you have and in the way that accommodates your modern family and lifestyle.

We also specialize in customization and will be happy to help install safety elements like shower chairs, grab bars and less standard bathroom fixtures for those with limited or different mobility.

You’ll work with our designers and builders every step of the way. We’re there to help! We have innovative input to share and creativity to spare! We’ll have suggestions for designs and features, you may want to update your tile for a fresh, clean feel, or deepen the color palette to create a more relaxing haven. Whether you’re looking for bright and modern or dark and calming, we can make it happen.

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