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Fairfield Connecticut Bathroom Renovation- Ridgefield, CT

Throughout the years we have completed many bathroom renovations in Fairfield County. One of our favorite Fairfield County bathroom renovations was done in a home in Ridgefield… We have pulled some photos from the project and given a description of the work completed below.

Ridgefield, CT Bathroom Renovation

We should note, the bathroom renovation was part of a complete home renovation. The entire house was gutted down to the studs and an addition was included at the back of the house. With the Ridgefield home renovation came a brand new kitchen and custom cabinetry and flooring throughout the home that came from old barn wood.

Talk about making a one-of-a-kind home renovation! We refurbished the barn wood and custom built mirrors, vanities, kitchen cabinets, flooring, wall paneling and all bedroom doors throughout the house.

In the bathroom, we used the barn wood to build the mirrors, the vanity counter and the flooring. The addition of this repurposed wood added a unique feel to the home and every project completed within it. The wood really brought the house and bathroom to life, giving it the warmth of real wood and the history of its former roots; we mended the old and the new material to create a fresh cohesive appearance. We love custom builds!

Do you have a bathroom renovation project in mind? We are just a phone call away and love to talk with customers about projects that include custom work in the bathroom or anywhere in the home.

We love bringing the vision of our customers to life while upholding our core values of maintaining an environmentally conscious build. During this Ridgefield CT bathroom remodeling project we did just that through the use of repurposed material.

Are you looking for a partner to help you renovate your Fairfield Connecticut bathroom?

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We’re here to help! Premier HD can complete every element of your bathroom remodeling project; from pre-concept, design to installation and final finish! We won’t be happy with your bathroom renovation project until you’re ecstatic – with its outcome!

Whether you’re looking to update your vanity, install a luxurious jacuzzi bath or want to fully update and renovate your Fairfield, Connecticut bathroom to increase your home’s value, we can help! No project is too big or too small, and we will be your renovation partner every step of the way.

Our bathroom remodeling team includes: designers, architects, craftsmen, carpenters and, above all, a team unified and dedicated to the realization of your bathroom remodeling project. Look to our Fairfield, Connecticut bathroom remodeling team as a complete bathroom renovation solution.  We will help you select material, fixtures, hardware, and details down to paint and accent elements.

Whether your Fairfield County bathroom just needs a few simple upgrades or a complete bathroom remodeling, and modernization renovation; our bathroom experts have the skills and know-how required to transform your bathroom into your very own private spa.

Our Fairfield County remodeling professionals can do it all!

From envisioning and planning designer storage solutions to custom cabinets and vanities to the building and installation of home saunas, our team is among the best in the area. We can help you select and install the latest in high-end whirlpools, Jacuzzis, custom showers (with specialty shower-heads), heated tiled floors, bathroom lighting, and water-efficient commodes, bidets, and sink hardware to save you money and help keep your home eco-friendly.

We will work together to find the style that best suits your family’s needs as well as your project budget.

Some popular Fairfield County bathroom remodeling projects include:

  • The replacement of bathroom tile-work
  • Fully customized wood and stone work
  • The replacement of toilets and sinks
  • Fabrication work of custom cabinets, vanities, benches and other storage solutions
  • The replacement and repair of bathroom flooring (floor heating systems)
  • The installation of standard and custom lighting
  • We also install bathroom safety elements like shower chairs, grab bars and specialized bathroom fixtures for those with limited mobility.

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