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Are you looking for a contractor to help you make your Westchester County home more accessible to support your mobility needs?

Many Westchester and Fairfield County homeowners are choosing to stay at home for as long as they can instead of moving to assisted living communities. Our design team has worked with many homeowners with different physical abilities to complete a wide range of simple home modifications and increase their home’s accessibility. Together we can review your home’s design and remove architectural challenges that will allow you or your loved ones to enjoy a greater level independence while we increase the home’s safety.

Common mobility improvement projects include:

  • the addition of a ramp
  • a grab bar in the bathroom
  • new door handles for easier access
  • closet redesigns for storage at different heights
  • stair railings and stair adjustments (heights between stairs, the number of stairs, placement of stairs etc..)

Project Highlights

We have pulled some photos from the project and given a description of the work completed below.


Backsplash Installation


Bathtub Installation


Toilet Installation


Tile Flooring



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Looking for a construction company that understands mobility design?

When it comes to mobility updates for bathrooms and kitchens, there are many ways to make the bathroom and kitchen easier to access and use. We always recommend more room for maneuvering into the bathroom, which includes wider doorways, offset hinges and pocket doors. Inside of the bathroom, more space makes wheelchairs easier to maneuver, specialized equipment easier to use, and caregivers more space to assist.

There are a wide variety of other upgrades we can make in your bathroom, from taller toilets open on all sides to larger bathtubs with raised bases or with doors built into the side to prevent having to climb into the tub. A good alternative to bathtubs are roll-in shower stalls with a hand held shower and an extra long hose. Depending on your needs, a ceiling track lift can help users who are unable to stand and transfer from a chair onto the toilet or bath tub.

Small accommodations like grab bars and shower seats are also very easy and fast to install, or we can build seating into any shower design.

Sometimes it is more feasible to create a second bathroom from scratch than to modify an existing bathroom. We can discuss your options with our design team to give you a fully customized plan for your new, accessible bathroom.

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In the kitchen, common projects include the removal of stairs, the lowering of storage areas and customizations of sinks and sink heads. We can install wall mounted sinks or sinks mounted in cabinets which are open underneath to accommodate those in wheelchairs. We also recommend single lever fixtures that are easier to use for homeowners with limited hand mobility.

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In the Kitchen and Bathroom, our team can:

  • lower sinks for proper knee clearance
  • replace door knobs with levers
  • lower or raise counter tops
  • build a gated tub or roll-in shower with multiple shower heads
  • install height adjustable handheld shower heads
  • install an elevated toilet
  • and much more!

In Common Rooms or Living Areas, we can:

  • create no-step entries and doorways for easier safer access
  • customize storage solutions at different heights
  • create custom doorways to remove barriers to safe entry and exit
  • and more!

Research has proven that remaining in one’s home is often more cost effective if proper medical care and environmental accessibility and safety is is thoughtfully considered. Our team will provide a home safety inspection (by a caregiver/professional) who will help identify many of the safety and mobility hazards in the home. We will then make recommendations that can help make the space as safe and comfortable as possible.

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We provide affordable, barrier-free, handicap accessible construction & remodeling services to homeowners and organizations throughout Westchester County, NY, and Fairfield County CT.

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Premier HD Construction is Lead Certified through Lead Smart Training Solutions.

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