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Safe Rooms

Modern, 'safe rooms', or 'panic rooms ' as they are sometimes called, are nothing like they are in the movies.

Today, safe rooms are comfortable, coordinated with the rest of the house, and ready to accommodate the entire family in the face of adverse weather or in the unlikely event of intruders’.

We’ve partnered with residential customers companies and government personnel throughout Westchester and the design and manufacture and installation of customized safe rooms. Designed with bullet-resistant walls, dedicated airflow systems and comfort in mind. Our Safe room design and installation services deliver safety security and protection for families employees and property owners throughout Westchester county.

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Safe Rooms From the Ground Up

With reinforced walls, limited doorways and windows and a stone floor few other rooms are as safe, as a safe room. Built-in a hidden fashion or right in plain sight, a safe room can occupy a converted closet, bathroom or in-suite walk-in closet. While many safe rooms are built from the ground and with no other intended purpose, here in Westchester, we partner with customers in all capacities of safe room construction and frequently use them in more than one way.

Multi-Purpose Safe Rooms

Most homeowners don’t think about safe-rooms during the home purchase process, but then they start to consider it as the years go by.

Have you been in a home with a safe room? Did you want to see it? Of course, you did, they stick out in our minds; they are somehow alluring, there’s something undeniably intriguing about them, and this is where the multi-purpose safe-room becomes a viable option for some homeowners. We are not talking about a bar with a steel dial-lock door, but we could explore options to build a practical, safe room that doubles as an intimate movie theater, bar area, wine cellar or game room.


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Premier HD Construction is Lead Certified through Lead Smart Training Solutions.

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