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Bathroom Renovation

We can help with bathroom renovations of all sizes.

Our talented team of bathroom remodeling experts can make your bathroom the most practical and luxurious room in your home. We are skilled, dedicated, and experienced. 

Our team specializes in client engagement and works to provide truly personalized service. We believe that the best bathroom remodeling project result can only be achieved through open communication from the first day of planning to the final day of construction.

We look at bathroom design as a two-fold proposition. On one side, you have practical necessities on the other, modern luxury- amenities; the confluence between the two rests in the homeowner’s hands. Whether your washroom is serving the needs of a large family or providing the perfect environment for relaxing after a long day, your bathroom should not only be functional. No matter its size, every bathroom can and should serve as a pleasing sanctuary for family and guests alike.

If you see the need to remodel your bathroom or bathrooms, there is an endless variety of ideas from which to choose. Whether you’re looking for a bathroom, remodel ideas on a budget, or want to go all out in redesigning your master bathroom, our team of design, construction, and renovation experts are here to help.

We can jump in and help with one-off projects just as surely as we can help with larger multi-phase remodeling projects.

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Popular Bathroom Renovation Projects

Sinks and Vanities

Bathroom Vanities

When considering a bathroom vanity, there are a few boxes the vanity has to tick:

  • Storage: A vanity has to have enough storage space for essential bathroom items.
  • Design: It has to complement and flow with the bathroom’s design and layout.

Bathroom Sinks

We often find the sink size and configuration among the top five reasons motivating our customers to consider a bathroom remodel. For some families, a single sink configuration can be inconvenient, whereas a double sink installation can make all the difference in the world.

Comfort Height Bathrooms

Then again, we visit homes where a sink may need to be higher or lower, wider or narrower, or adjusted in any number of ways to fit the needs of its users.

Comfort height bathroom sinks are 36″ tall to match the height of kitchen countertops. By raising the height of your sinks and connected vanities and countertops, we can create a much more modern and certainly more ergonomic experience.

Recently, many clients here in Westchester have chosen to address sink design in ‘on-trend’ styles…we are talking about comfort height floating vanities, consol sink vanities, wall-mounted sinks, and even side-mounted faucets.

Bathtubs and Showers

The shower and/or bathtub is arguably the essential element of any full bathroom.

While some prefer the speed and convenience of a walk-in shower, many enjoy the luxury and comfort of a bathtub full of hot water and bubbles.

Our bathroom remodeling team can help bring your bathroom remodel ideas to life, whether that means installing an oversized tub or a custom walk-in shower, modifying a tub to meet changing mobility needs, or creating a truly one of a kind bathing solution.

We will work with you through each step of the remodeling process, from choosing the right design to reviewing shower or bathtub functionality to materials and design. At every step, we are working to ensure that the final result will give you the bathroom you are looking for.

Tilework and Paint

Whether you want new tile or stone veneers or are looking to overhaul your bathroom’s current paint job, our experienced team at Westchester Bathroom Remodeling can get the work done promptly and efficiently.

Our Westchester County-based, bathroom remodeling teams are well experienced working with a broad range of tile surfaces, from glass and fiberglass to ceramic and stone. We have even helped create one-of-a-kind textured bathroom counters from poured cement.

Are you looking for something other than stone? Our bathroom painting services can efficiently deliver a calm and warm cozy vibe stone can’t. Painting your bathroom can give it a dynamic twist, depending on your preference. 

Whether it’s painting, wallpaper modern vinyl coverings, wood, ceramic tile, or glass block — or a mixture of wall covering treatments, we are known for delivering Westchester’s finest home construction craft.

There is no question; the options can feel overwhelming, but this process is nothing short of exciting with an experienced team by your side. We want to deliver the bathroom you dream of and will do everything in our power to help you make your vision a reality. Some owners need more help in picking a design direction, no worries, we work with some of Westchester’s best design consultants who can help you find the right motif for your space or handle the design of your bathroom for you in total.


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Questions to ask yourself before starting a bathroom renovation

What “look” am I trying to achieve in my bathroom?

Whether you’re going for a trendy or traditional bathroom removation having an answer to this very basic question is very important. Not only will it help you find bathroom inspirations to share with your contractor and during your product search, but it will also dictate, to a large extent, your costs as well as the scale and sequence of construction.

What will I 'really' spend on this bathroom renovation?

A small budget dictates the size and scale of the renovation.

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, the cost to renovate a small bathroom is approximately $16,000. Here is Westchester that number can slide up and down depending on the size of the bathroom and the needs of the client. 



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